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Springfield, Illinois 62704
ph: 217-789-READ (217-789-7323)
email: susan@readingsolution.com


Susan Smarjesse, Licensed Davis® Facilitator
Reading Solution of Central Illinois
920 S. Spring Street, Suite 2200
Springfield, Illinois 62704

ph: 217-789-READ (7323)
email: susan@readingsolution.com

[Reading Solution's office building]

Springfield is located three hours south of Chicago and two hours north of St. Louis at the intersection of Interstate 72 and 55. Reading Solution's office (above) is located just south of the new state capital.

[Map of Springfield, IL]

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The area includes many beautiful Victorian homes and restaurants within walking distance.

[Reading Solution's neighborhood]
Neighborhood surrounding the office-haunted Bed and Breakfast, Victorian homes on Aristocracy Hill, Illinois State Museum with the new State Capitol in the background, Spring St. office.

Welcome to Springfield, Illinois!

With plenty of free on street parking and parking just north of the building, Reading Solution of Central Illinois provides clients and their families with plenty of things to see and do in the area.

Only a few blocks away is a stop for the Lincoln Sites Trolley and the Illinois State Museum, so parents may explore the city, while leaving their car at the office.

[Old Capitol building]
Capitol building where Lincoln wrote his house divided speech.

[Abraham Lincoln]

"To this place, and the kindness of these people, I owe everything. Here I have lived a quarter of a century, and have passed from a young to an old man."
- from Lincoln's Farewell Address to the city of Springfield.

[Abraham Lincoln's home in Springfield, IL]
The home where Lincoln lived in Springfield, IL.

While in the city you can walk the same streets as our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Since the opening in 2005 of the high tech, kid-friendly Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, street exhibits, statues, and buildings used by President Lincoln have become easily accessible through Lincoln Site city buses and a trolley. There's a week of history to touch and experience.

[Lincoln Memorial Gardens]

You can spend several hours walking through Lincoln Memorial Gardens on Lake Springfield (above), shop in the malls on the west side, or the boutiques surrounding Lincoln's courthouse and law office.


Enjoy the water park, or see a movie in one of 4 multi-plex theatres-be sure to experience the evening drive-in movie. Take a day and drive through the many distinctive areas of the city, New Salem National Park, and nearby Petersburg.

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